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Plan to create 800 power sector jobs for Omanis

March 31, 2021

Key target: Omanisation to rise to 90 per cent at end of training programme

Nama Holding, the umbrella organisation of state-owned power generation, transmission, distribution and related businesses, has embarked on a strategy to train as many as 800 Omanis for jobs in the electricity sector.

This was announced by the Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR), the sector regulator, citing Article 22 of the Law on Regulating and Privatizing the Electricity and Related Water Sector promulgated by Royal Decree 78/2004. Article 22 commits licensed companies and service providers to supporting Omanisation in the power sector.

An Omanisation strategy drawn up by Nama Holding and licensed electricity companies calls for subcontractors and service providers to gradually Omanise positions held by expatriates in different parts of the Sultanate.

This programme aims to provide an opportunity to train and employ 800 young Omanis in various technical positions.

Nama Holding, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, will select the candidates and train them through specialised programmes that include practical and theoretical training.

Thereafter, the trainees will be enrolled in on-the-job training programme ahead of their regularisation.
Significantly, the programme will contribute to raising the current Omanisation rate from 47 per cent to nearly 90 per cent upon its conclusion. This target is in line with the Authority’s strategy to raise the Omanisation rates in the electricity sector — part of its strategy to implement Oman Vision 2040 by developing Omani skillsets in the electricity sector.


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