Apparels, textiles sector Omanisation mooted in Majlis Al Shura

January 27, 2021

Muscat: More Omani women must be encouraged to take up jobs in fashion design, tailoring, and embroidery, and need to be given the right support, the Youth and Human Resources Committee of the Majlis Al Shura has said.

The committee made these suggestions after the Shura Council raised the idea of employing more local women in these fields, given their employment opportunities and economic contribution.

To share their insights and take this plan forward, the committee hosted Nasr bin Amer Al Hosani, the Undersecretary of Labour at the Ministry of Labour, along with representatives from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion and the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The meeting was chaired by Younis bin Ali Al Mandhari, the head of the committee, and in the presence of its members, who discussed the controls and standards set by the competent authorities to regulate women’s sewing shops, and sought the opinion of the authorities on proposals to feminise the profession of fashion design, tailoring and embroidery.

Speaking to Times of Oman, Younis bin Ali Al Mandhari, said: “During the meeting, a specific mechanism was agreed upon as per which at the front of the sewing shops there will be an Omani woman employee for taking up measurements and design, and that the shop should be under the Omani management. The expatriate worker will remain in shops for sewing purpose only.”

He added that this mechanism would be sent to the governorates after agreement with various government agencies. The committee will submit a report on this discussion to be approved and discussed at a plenary session of the Shura Council’s office for approval, which will be then sent to the authorities concerned, he said.

Also discussed during the meeting were the support these professions will need, and the hurdles preventing their Omanisation across the governorates, and the need to restructure these professions so that they can be overcome.

This would include giving it the power to open factories to manufacture clothes, textiles, and embroidered goods, to make Oman one of the leading countries in the fashion industry, covering local demand, and subsequently export the goods.

It was also suggested that programmes be run to spread awareness on the economic and social importance of this sector, the educational and training courses required, and how this will help economic diversification in the country.

This would help encourage more Omanis to engage in work, and develop local talent capable of handling the jobs created in these fields.


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