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EA to plant 1.5mn mangrove seeds in Al Wusta

July 25, 2022

Muscat – The Environment Authority (EA) has launched a project to plant 1.5mn mangrove seeds in Khor Ghawi in the wilayat of Al Jazir and the Wetland Reserve in the wilayat of Mahout in Al Wusta governorate in July and August. This is part of an ongoing national initiative to plant 10mn indigenous trees in a ten-year period.

The planting of mangroves aims to enhance biodiversity, besides reducing the country’s carbon footprint and protecting lagoons from erosion. The areas identified for plantation are natural habitat for migratory and endemic birds.

Badr al Busaidi, environmental systems specialist at EA, informed that preparations for the work commenced several months ago based on a timetable to plant 1.5mn mangrove seeds.

“The tidal conditions at the plantation sites will be determined for the month, which will help us make an informed decision about the exact time of planting the seeds.”

Busaidi added that from July 24 to July 29, half a million seeds will be planted in Khor Ghawi, followed by a million seeds planted from July 31 to August 11 in the Filim area and Khor al Hofinat in the Wetland Reserve. “One thousand seeds will be planted per 300sqm, covering an area of 13.5 hectares.”

In the first stage of the ongoing project, specialists of the Department of Marine Environment Conservation collected seeds from Qurm Nature Reserve.

The project is part of a national initiative to plant 10mn wild trees in the various governorates of the sultanate in a ten-year period launched on January 2020 by EA, in cooperation with Petroleum Development Oman. The initiative targets indigenous species, including ghaf, sumr, sidr, shue, tiq, talh, mitan, sarh and alalan.

The initiative aims to increase vegetation cover, protect ecosystems, preserve and protect environmental systems and rehabilitate degraded land while spreading environmental awareness among community members.


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