Fish sculpture raises awareness on pollution

January 13, 2022

Muscat – Omani artists Abdulkareem Abdullah al Rawahi and Yousef Saif al Rawahi have erected a sculpture of a fish made with waste material at Shatti al Qurm to spread awareness on the effect of pollution on marine life and the need to preserve the environment.

The sculpture is part of Oman Environmental Holding Services Company’s (be’ah) Oman Tista-hil campaign that aims to curb littering in the tourist areas.

Abdulkareem and Yousef had earlier created a sculpture on a similar concept in Sur, South Sharqiyah. The new creation unveiled last week is made with 1,000 discarded plastic bottles, 170 pieces of plastic pipes and 850kg of scrap metal which were collected by the two sculptors in their everyday life.

“It depicts the damage to the marine environment and reminds us that pollution represents a real threat,” Abdulkareem said.

Measuring 370cm in height, 700cm in length and 230cm in width, the sculpture took six months to make. be’ah will exhibit the sculpture in various wilayats.

“Finding the right waste materials for the sculpture was a challenge. It was a painstaking process and needed a lot of patience. We collected the coloured plastic bottles and fishing nets from beaches. The plastic and the fishing nets represent how these are choking and suffocation marine creatures,” Abdulkareem said.

His sculptures have been installed in other countries, too, including Italy, Tunisia, Qatar, Bahrain and Morocco.

“I urge other Omani sculptors to also do their bit to spread awareness of the importance of preserving the environment,” Abdulkareem said.

be’ah estimates that the world loses more than 1mn marine birds, 100,000 marine mammals, turtles and fish due to plastic waste every year. By 2050, 99 per cent of marine birds will have ingested plastic.


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