ahlibank launches mutual funds

January 6, 2022

Muscat: ahlibank has announced the launch of mutual funds, opening up lucrative avenues for customers to invest and seek a ‘better tomorrow’.

The investment vehicle will provide access to a host of global mutual funds to invest in through a tie-up with Allfunds Bank, a leading platform for global fund investment technologies and corporate money distribution.

The mutual funds will be available for all its customers who are willing to invest. Customers will be able to choose their mutual fund portfolio as per their preference.

The mutual funds’ portfolios of the customers will be managed by highly experienced, specialised investment managers working with the respective firms. ahlibank’s wealth management team will support clients in assessing risk factors and help make prudent investment choices, with the focus on a well-diversified portfolio to diversify investments. Investors will have access to different markets and sectors around the world in a single pool; enjoy high liquidity at the time of buying or selling; experience capital growth for long-term investment; as well as the opportunity to receive a monthly income.

Reiterating the merits of mutual funds for clients who are driven towards the investment market for a secure future, Najla Murtadha Al Lawati, AGM- Private Banking & Wealth Management of ahlibank, described the funds as a ‘beneficial channel’ to invest.

Explaining further, she said, “The mutual fund is a highly professionally managed investment fund that pools money from several investors to invest in bonds, shares and other securities. This contributes to diversifying the investment portfolio and achieving returns that exceed those which are non-professionally managed Investments. It will not only provide easy access to global markets, without any hitches but also ensure high liquidity with projected profits.”

“Investors and analysts would be aware that the global markets have experienced exceptional returns over the past five years, with some funds making profits of more than 100 per cent (about 20 per cent per annum). This bodes well for investors who want to explore new horizons to boost their money along with the changing investment landscape in the markets. ahlibank’s wealth management team will help you figure out when to enter the market and make profits.”

Mutual fund is not a new concept in Oman - long time investors in Oman have savoured the benefits of funds through the local stock exchange, which has listed Mutual Funds, including a fund from ahlibank. What is new, however, is that the bank has factored in ease and convenience to help investors access the Global Funds through ahlibank, assuring total commitment and assistance for its clients.

In light of this, the bank has relied on market surveys to assess the potential for money to move to Mutual Funds and counted on customer feedback, which has demonstrated the need to provide alternative investment solutions to the bank's customers, including investment in Global Mutual Funds.

ahlibank has strategically positioned its new investment platform to ensure a bright future for beneficiaries, as part of its approach of elevating customer experiences in banking services and keeping pace with steady growth in local and global markets. Clients interested to know more about the mutual fund can contact ahlibank’s Wealth Management Team, for a personalised meeting to assess their potentials.


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