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We Love Oman: Khor Rori, an important heritage reserve in Dhofar

January 4, 2022

Khawr Rawrī or Khor Rori is a bar-built estuary (or river mouth lagoon) at the mouth of Wādī Darbāt in the Dhofar Governorate, Oman, near Taqah.It is a major breeding ground for birds,and used to act as an important harbour for frankincense trade when it was an open estuary.

Khor Rori is best known for the ruins of the ancient fortified port city of Sumhuram on the eastern bank. There are also archeological ruins on the two promontories at the mouth of Khor Rori. It is considered the most attractive to tourists as it contains Khawr Ruri port, famously known as Samharam.

Nearby, there are important ruins that date back to prehistoric times. The port was often mentioned in Greek, Hellenic and Arabic historical scrolls, being the main port for the export of frankincense in Dhofar. Therefore the khawr (lagoon) has gained special status, as it is not only a nature reserve, but an important heritage reserve as well, and has been included in the World Heritage List. Before that, it was a natural reserve helping to maintain the biological balance, where many fish, birds and plants live. The lagoon is connected to Wadi Darbat.


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