Sultanate vaccinated 2.59m against Covid-19

September 7, 2021

MUSCAT: As many as 2,592,464 people (2.59 million) have been vaccinated against Covid-19 with the first dose in the Sultanate as of Sunday, reaching 73 per cent of the target population. The number of those who took two jabs of Covid-19 vaccine stood at 1,443,886 comprising 40.7 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health continues vaccinating target segments against Covid-19 in all governorates of the Sultanate as vaccination centres draw a good daily turnout.

As many as 80 new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) were registered in the Sultanate during the past 24 hours, in addition to 3 new Covid-19-related death cases.

This brings the total number of positive Covid-19 cases to 302,748 in the Sultanate.

The total number of Covid-19-related death cases reached 4078, the ministry said.

The ministry added that 149 new cases have recovered, bringing the total number to 292,722 recoveries.

The ministry also pointed out that 13 were hospitalised over the past 24 hours, as the total number of current hospitalised patients stands at 91 of them 40 are in intensive care units (ICUs).


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