ID card must for Omanis aged 10 years and above

September 6, 2021

All Omanis aged 10 years and above must obtain the civil identity card, according to the Royal Decree No 59/2021, which amended Civil Status Law. Earlier, the ID card was mandatory for those above the age of 15.

The Decree published in the Official Gazette on Sunday said that foreigners residing in the Sultanate also must obtain a residence card. “Every Omani who is over 10 years of age must obtain a civil identity card, and those who are 10 years old or younger may obtain this card, subject to the approval of the parents, and a foreigner residing in the Sultanate must obtain a residence card. The regulation determines the card’s model, data to be recorded in it, its validity period, the procedures for obtaining it, and the documents necessary for that,” the Decree stated.

As per the amended provisions of the Civil Status, every Omani over 10 years of age must obtain the card subject to the approval of the parents or guardian.

The regulation also mentioned about the size of the card and the data that should be listed, validity, documents and procedures of obtaining it.

The same Royal Decree stated to replace the definition of marriage form and divorce form issued by the legal authorities.

It also stated that anyone who finds a newborn child must deliver him to the nearest police station with the clothes or things he finds on him, and indicate the time, place and circumstances in which he was found.

The police must write a report including the age of the newborn according to the appearance, distinguishing marks, name of the person who found the baby, his profession and address. The police also must deliver the newborn and the record to one of the social institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development, which must immediately name the newborn and inform the Secretary-General of the Register of that within the legal period.


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