Made-in-Oman phone to be launched this year

August 2, 2021

A mobile phone made and designed by young Omanis is set to hit markets later this year. 'Mersal' is the result of years of extensive efforts,' Rashid al Nasri, CEO of Mersal Company, told the Observer. Mersal made headlines last year with the first tablet made in Oman.

The project aims to employ nearly 1,000 Omanis and make mobile phones affordable for students who are in online classes due to the pandemic.

Al Nasri said the device is inspired by the Oman Vision 2040, which envisages a significantly increased role for the private sector, both in helping to diversify the economy and providing employment for Omanis.

The Android device features a 10-inch HD screen and weighs 215 gram. It has 128 GB memory while it's RAM is 6 GB.

'The beauty of the product is that it involves a multi-layered In-Country Value drive. The supply chain, the process of sourcing the components, detailed logistics, procurement, production, distribution and retail marketing are all taken care of by different Omani companies which will ensure a complete Omani product in the market,' he said.

The manufacturing unit is based in Samail Industrial Area and will generate 800 to 1,000 jobs. A factory exclusively for manufacturing semiconductors is currently under process. Other components, accessories and the like will also be made from the local factories.

'The selling point too is also well thought about. There are 500 to 600 shops run by the locals that sell gadgets and other mobile accessories. We have identified them and products will be sold through them. This will create plenty of jobs too.'


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