Prior approval must before advertising government vacancies: MoF

May 18, 2021

MUSCAT, MAY 17 - Oman’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) has once again cautioned government ministries and departments against advertising any positions without its express advance approval.

In a circular issued on Monday, the Ministry said its missive was guided by the government’s overarching mandate to “rationalise public expenditure and enhance efficiency”. Some government units, it further warned, were advertising vacancies without approval prior approval from the Ministry of Finance.

The circular stresses that every government unit “shall obtain prior approval from the MoF before advertising any vacancy (whether internally or externally advertised) even if the unit has a financial grade available for the vacancy)”. It also affirmed that the Ministry should be notified on a quarterly basis of all available financial grades available in a given government unit.

“All internal audit departments in various government units shall ensure full compliance with the provisions of the circular,” it added.


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