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RO 98m Duqm gas pipeline project completed

March 7, 2021

Energy lifeline: 221km pipeline to supply natural gas as fuel source and feedstock to various projects at Duqm SEZ

OQ Gas Networks (formerly known as Oman Gas Company), a subsidiary of OQ — the Sultanate’s integrated energy group — has announced the successful operationalisation of the natural gas pipeline project that feeds natural gas from Saih Nihayda in central Oman to the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Duqm.
The 221-km long pipeline project, constructed at a cost of RO 98 million, will supply gas at the rate of 25 million cubic metres per day at full capacity, Mansour bin Ali al Abdali, General Manager — OQ Gas Networks, said in a statement to ONA.
In October 2016, Egyptian construction contractor Petrojet revealed that it had been selected by Oman Gas Company, the predecessor of OQ Gas Networks, to build the strategic gas pipeline.
Among the first consumers of the gas is Duqm Power Company, which is investing in a major integrated power and water project at Duqm.
Duqm Power Company is a joint venture between the Central Utilities Company (Marafiq), which forms part of OQ Group, and Gulf Pacific Holding Company.
As part of the $480 million investment in the project, Duqm Power is setting up a 326 MW combined cycle and gas-fuelled electricity generation plant alongside a 36,000 cubic metres per day reverse osmosis desalination plant, in addition to seawater supply and discharge facilities.
Electricity from the plant will initially cater to the needs of Duqm Refinery (OQ8).
A Gas Supply Station (GSS), with a current capacity to provide 15 million cubic metres of gas per day, has been commissioned as well. This will regulate supply to the integrated power and water plant of Duqm Power.
OQ Gas Networks is the sole operator and owner of Oman’s national gas 4,000 km long high-pressure gas transmission system, transporting natural gas to 59 end-users across the Sultanate.


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