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OETC signs agreements with GCC Interconnection Authority

June 14, 2022

Muscat – Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) on Monday signed three agreements with the GCC Electricity Interconnection Authority at the authority’s headquarters in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The agreements were signed in the presence of main stakeholders and representatives from OETC and GCC Interconnection Authority, OETC said in a series of tweets.

According to OETC, the first agreement stipulated the exclusive rights to use the electrical interconnection assets.

‘The agreement deals with the mechanisms of owning, operating and maintaining the 220kV electrical interconnection assets in Oman on behalf of the GCC Interconnection Authority,’ the company said.

The second agreement provides the provision of operating and maintaining services for the electrical link whereby OETC will manage the link entirely. The GCC Interconnection Authority has the exclusive right to use the assets of the electrical link in case of emergency.

The third agreement was signed for the operation of the electrical link between the two parties, OETC said.

The GCC Interconnection Authority is a joint stock company subscribed by the six GCC states. Its mission is to maintain a resilient interconnection grid ensuring power security and economic benefits to the GCC states.


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