Environment Authority plants 2,300 mangrove saplings in Al Wusta

January 5, 2022

Muscat – The Environment Authority (EA) carried out a campaign to plant over 2,000 mangrove seedlings in Al Wusta governorate with the aim of increasing green spaces and preserving the environment.

A statement issued on Tuesday by EA said, ‘As part of the efforts made by the Environment Authority to implement the national initiative to plant 10mn trees and rehabilitate lagoons in the sultanate, the authority planted 2,300 mangrove saplings in Khor Ghawi in the wilayat of Al Jazir in Al Wusta governorate.

‘The Environment Department in Al Wusta conducted several awareness campaigns among the members of the community on the importance of mangrove trees.

‘Mangroves are considered very important in maintaining ecological balance and preserving beaches from erosion while helping the growth of commercially valuable fish and other marine creatures.’

The campaign was part of a project, which started in 2001 and aims to plant 1mn seedlings of mangrove on Oman’s coasts within 20 years. EA has already planted over 680,000 saplings in 30 shores in various coastal areas.


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