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Madayn launches Ramadan charity campaign

April 8, 2021

Muscat: The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn has launched its annual Ramadan charity campaign to distribute donation boxes of Omani products to the target community segments in coordination with walis’ offices and volunteer teams in the Sultanate’s various wilayats.

“The campaign comes along the lines of Madayn’s efforts to play an effective role in serving the community and supporting families with limited income in the various governorates of the Sultanate,” said Ahmed al Hinai, Director of Social Responsibility Department at Madayn.

Al Hinai added that Madayn’s Social Responsibility Department coordinated with a lineup of Omani factories to donate essential consumer products, as well as purchased other necessary products and supplies, and finally arranged the products in boxes for distribution. “The Social Responsibility Team in cooperation with Shumookh Investment and Services – the investment arm of Madayn, supervised all logistics matters to facilitate the delivery of donation boxes to the industrial cities and Al Mazunah Free Zone,” Al Hinai said, adding: “Coordination is also underway with the social development committees at the walis’ offices within the geographical scope of the industrial cities for the distribution of the donation boxes to families with limited income with the supervision of the officials in the industrial cities. Madayn has also coordinated with Oman Charitable Organisation and several volunteer teams to achieve the objectives of this campaign.”

The Omani companies that have contributed with donations for the Ramadan charity campaign this year include Mazoon Dairy, Muscat United Food Industries, Danat A’Zaman Company (Al Deyafa), Oman Foodstuff Factory, Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives, Shahi Foods and Spices, Oasis Water Company, National Tea Company, National United Dates Company, National Detergent Company, Nizwa Food Industries, Omani Packaging Company, National Biscuit Industries, Oman Flour Mills, Omani Vegetable Oils and Derivatives Company, Al Bahja Group, Salalah Mills, Salalah Macaroni Company, Al Ghazal International, and A’Saffa Foods.

Throughout the past few years, Madayn introduced a series of initiatives to achieve its social responsibility objectives and contribute to sustainable partnership and development. Madayn’s Ramadan charity campaign aims at supporting social responsibility activities and encouraging the investing companies in the various industrial cities to contribute with donations to the charity organisations in the country.


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