Tourism ministry to monitor, fine quarantine facilities

March 27, 2021

Muscat: The Minister of Heritage and Tourism issued a ministerial decision stipulating regulations for hotel establishments and travel and tourism operators who violate the decisions of the Supreme Committee on Covid-19.

The decision is based on SC guidelines that gave the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism the mandate to monitor the extent to which hotel establishments and travel and tourism offices comply with its decisions.
The mandate includes imposing fines and closing the establishments and offices of those who violate the decisions.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism shall enter the hotel establishments and travel and tourism offices to verify their compliance with the decisions of the SC. The ministry will seek the assistance of the competent authorities in implementing the provisions of these decisions. A fine is imposed on hotel establishments and travel agencies that violate the decisions issued by the committee.

The fine is doubled in case of repetition of the violation, and the facility can be closed for a month. The ministry will collect the fines and transfer it to the account dedicated to the pandemic.

The violations include

  • Hotel establishments and travel and tourism not registering on the (Sahala) platform.
  • Allowing isolated individuals to leave the facility or move between rooms or allowing visitors from outside.
  • Raising the prices of the hotel rooms designated for the institutional quarantine
  • Failure to maintain the cleanliness of the facility and the quality of the services provided.
  • Permission to isolate more than one person in one room with no relationship, and others coming from the same flight or from the country they are traveling to.
  • Failure to disclose to the relief and shelter team about visitors who are required to be isolated.


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