Dhamani platform to strengthen delivery of high-quality health care

November 10, 2020

MUSCAT, NOV 9 – The Capital Market Authority (CMA) hosted on Monday an online forum to showcase the newly launched Dhamani platform underpinning the soon-to-be-launched Mandatory Health Insurance scheme.
The meeting attended by executives from the company contracted by the CMA to build the platform, as well as representatives of insurance companies, brokers, agents, third party claim administrators and private hospitals and clinics.
Ahmed bin Ali al Maamari, Vice-resident (Insurance Sector), CMA, said: “The Dhamani platform focuses on exchange of health information on the visitors of private health institutions and will contribute in the settlement of insurance claims as well as time-saving, funds transfer, requests for approval and validation of insurance coverage among the parties of the insurance relationship, the regulators and supervisors.
Al Maamari added that the platform will integrate the ‘Shifa’ system of the Ministry of Health, thereby enabling linkages between the medical records of patients with health insurance records – a move that will contribute to the creation of a unified health records system for customers.
Additionally, the platform will integrate the company and manpower databases of the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, and the ID card and immigration system of the Royal Oman Police.
This will allow for real-time validation of the eligibility credentials of policyholders and prompt payments digitally, leading to better cash flow between health care providers and customers.
Furthermore, it will reduce the potential for misuse and fraud, he stated.
Eng Mohammed bin Hamed al Maskari, Chief Executive Officer of Infoline, commended the CMA policy in regulating the health insurance market by focusing on creating an electronic platform for health insurance using state of the art technology.
The platform, he said, can be accessed by any health institution, thereby ensuring the provision of quality health insurance and treatment services in the private health care institutions.
He added that CMA’s selection of a consortium of national and international companies, led by Infoline which is an Omani company, was due to the ability of the partnership that participated in building health insurance claim administration platforms in a number of countries, and due to the transformation in the health insurance sector in such countries the system contributed in providing technologies enabling speedy access to approvals for treatment, easy follow-up by the supervisors to limit delays and unsound practices in dealing with insurance policies.


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