Labour Ministry discusses Omanisation in government firms

October 22, 2020

Muscat: The Ministry of Labour on Wednesday held a meeting with Oman Investment Authority (OIA) and CEOs of government firms to discuss plans for the replacement of expatriates with Omani manpower and a programme to Omanize leadership and supervisory posts in the companies.

The meeting also reviewed ways to enhance cooperation between the ministry and the firms towards augmenting productivity. Besides replacing expats, it was proposed to focus on the employment of Omanis with specialist or technical qualifications in a manner that ensures the accomplishment of Oman Vision 2040 goals.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Mahad bin Said Baowain, Minister of Labour, who gave a speech in which he laid emphasis on on-the-job training. He invited all to benefit from the services offered by the Labour Ministry in this regard.

Dr Mahad spoke about his ministry’s initiative about how to remove obstacles, offer incentives and streamline procedures to enable government companies to provide new jobs for Omanis, directly or indirectly through sub-hiring in other firms.

A visual display featuring data about numbers of national and foreign workers, as well as job seekers, was screened.

Government firms’ officials attending the meeting expressed their preparedness to execute plans for the replacement of expatriates and provide jobs for national manpower.

Difficulties and challenges facing the private sector were also discussed during the meeting. It was agreed to find suitable solutions that are more flexible and streamlined to overcome the challenges.


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